MetaWARPhosis! was a show about evolution.

In the Summer of 2015, Writers and Actors Reading and Performing (WARP) Theatre underwent a transition in leadership. Former Managing Director of ten years, Ellen Covey, named now Managing Director - Jason Dooley, and Creative Director - John Paul Sharp as her successors.

To celebrate the transition, the Fall 2015 showcase featured short plays offering stories about change and transformation.


Molly Blades, Jason Dooley, John Paul Sharp, and Jeff Weedman directed 12 short works written by Seattle area playwrights. A cast of 16, many of whom were first time performers, brought this showcase to life! <3

The show was performed in Theatre4 of Theatre Puget Sound, at Seattle Center. This show opened Oct. 31st, ran for two weeks with six performances, and closed on Nov. 15th, 2015.



Greg Beach - Molly Blades - Dalena Butler - Stephen Clark Wendy Cohen - Amiee Decker - Veronica Gale - Tom Hanrahan Gene Hawkridge - Zac Lenaburg - Charles Mickelson - Brett Muckler Laura Pershern - Tedd Saint-James - Alex Sites - Shelby Skiena


Alyea Allen - Scot Bastian - Patty Carlson - Ellen Covey Jim Fox - Leonard Goodisman - Chad Leonard Alex Sites - Donna Van Norman - Kenny Wright

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