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Who We Are & What We Do

Writers and Actors Reading and Performing (WARP) Theatre is an educational organization serving Seattle-area playwrights, actors, and people who are generally interested in theatre production. All meetings are open to anyone and everyone from seasoned professionals to those with little or no previous experience. There are no membership dues, although voluntary contributions to help pay rent are welcome. In addition to the weekly meetings, WARP produces several shows a year using selected material written, directed, and performed by participants. WARP Theatre meets every Tuesday night from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at Theatre Puget Sound in the Armory Building of Seattle Center. Most nights we meet in the "Black Box" behind the Center Theatre, check out our calendar of events for more details!

Our Mission

We provide a safe, free, and accessible space for anyone to explore, experience, and learn the craft of theatre.

Our Vision

We are actively working to facilitate the creative process and production of new theatrical works; in effort to help achieve racial and social equity. We are raising public awareness of underrepresented communities through the craft of theatre to foster the expression of those voices.

Our Values

Excellence: We strive to do our best and meet the highest standards.
Respect: We treat all people with dignity, open-mindedness, and esteem.
Diversity: We appreciate and acknowledge our differences.
Integrity: We behave ethically, honestly, and fairly.
Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions.

Hookers & Thieves: An Evening of Seattle's History

WARP Theatre Calls for Short Plays Celebrating Seattle’s Diverse History


Writers and Actors Reading and Performing (WARP) Theatre calls for new short works for theatre written by local Seattle-based playwrights celebrating Seattle’s unique – and undoubtedly dubious – history.

WARP Theatre will produce a showcase of these selected original short-plays entitled, “Hookers & Thieves: An Evening of Seattle’s History”, running June 3 – 11th at the TPS4 Theatre in the Seattle Center.

WARP Theatre aims to highlight the diversity that has been cultivated across Seattle’s history. Seeking stories that bring to light a wide range of human stories that evoke a range of emotions. See guidelines below for more details.

WARP Theatre is an educational organization offering accessible and free opportunities for Seattle-area playwrights, actors, and people who are interested in theatre production. For the past 20 years WARP has provided the facilitation of workshops, rehearsals, and production at no cost. This is a low risk opportunity for emerging artists to explore and express their voice. All individuals are welcome and students are especially encouraged to join.

Submission Info­­­

Submission Period: Now – March 1st, 2016
Submit to: info@warptheatre.org
FREE Workshops: Every Tuesday @ TPS
Final Deadline: Tuesday, March 1st,2016

City Living Seattle

"Participants meet every Tuesday at 7 p.m. Writers bring their own plays to work on, while actors perform them in cold readings. Writers then receive feedback from their peers."

Jessica Davis
Jessica Davis City Living Seattle

"WARP has been a fixture in the Seattle theater community for nearly 20 years. Newly installed Artistic Director John Paul Sharp and Managing Director Jason Dooley have many ideas that will keep WARP going."

Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas